Arty stuff

Power of the Pussy

B.A. Fine Art exhibition (UCT)

1993 – digitally edited in 2022

more about this project …


Part 2 of a met[t]a Verse project


NFT collection in progress

Met[t]a Me

Part 1 of the met[t]a Verse project


more about this project …

not just a number

NFT Collection


to follow

Messing around with video

I know fuckall about video editing to be clear. Just fiddling because it’s fun and I have some stuff to say. (no surprise there)


Part of the end of my rant about mainstream social media that began in 2018. The cat’s officially out of the bag. Thank fuck for that.

Then I’m Gone

Created on a dodgy old laptop that was too slow to handle Blender. I couldn’t get the timing right. Not my finest hour but with good intentions.

Messing around with sound

And I know fuckall about making music either (to be clear). Just fiddling because it’s my happy place. And very keen to learn more.

What I got in my pocketses

I can’t stop buying art and second hand books. It’s not good for a starving artist to have this little self control. That is all

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