Metta Me

“You can’t share honestly on social media” – a “friend”

Met[t]a Me

an art installation / performance art

Part of [meta] Verse – an nft project I’ve been working on (and off) for two years.

Met[t]a Me


A transformation of a Facebook profile over a few months as Facebook transforms into Meta, while we engage as avatars and AI starts to think, make and speak for us.

My comment on the first update to a new (Meta Me) profile photo was that I don’t look anything like this in real life. (of course)


I spend most days at my laptop with my hair in a bun, still in my pajamas. I don’t even own a pair of sunglasses because I rarely socialize anymore. I bought the ones in the profile pic for R60 ($3.3) from a street vendor for this project.

Meet MettaMe. (it’s not a typo)

She’s better looking and more successful than I am. And she was far more popular on Facebook. (no surprise there)

That was supposed to be the end of the transformation but as it turns out…

you can be honest on social media.

You just gotta find the right social media.

Nicky Dee 🖤

A multi-media part of the journey from The Accidental Theory a.k.a “The Book That May Never Be Written.”

NFTs were loaded onto OpenSea in 2022 but, as yet, are unreleased.
I’m not happy with the artwork/content yet. (to follow)

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