Got Cancelled?

I keep seeing stories about cancel culture.

I got cancelled fucking huge time and it was the best thing to happen to me in years.

I got cancelled because I decided to get real on social media, to maybe help some other humans who might be suffering with the same personal challenges I was struggling with.

I got cancelled because I hoped I might prevent some younger humans from making the same mistakes I’d made, so they could save some precious time.

Or not die.

I got cancelled because I broke polite society’s rules and spoke publicly about the things we don’t talk about. Ever.

I got cancelled because I refused to heed sage advice from private messages, telling me to quit that shit, be a good girl, smile and pretend that everything was okay.

Some things aren’t okay.

And unless we talk about them nothing is ever going to change.

Getting cancelled by a vast majority of what I thought was my “tribe” or my “family” was the greatest step, and progress, I made in my personal growth.

It was also the most brutally painful.

But what I learned was…

it didn’t make any difference at all.

Getting cancelled showed me who my people really are and where my attention is best focused.

Getting cancelled showed me exactly what my personal principles and values are. And which ones are so important to me, I’m prepared to walk through fire to stick to them.

Getting cancelled and refusing to submit to being “fated to pretend”…

ultimately showed me who I really am.

I survived.

Of course.

And all of my fear of rejection, or abandonment, dissipated in full after walking through that particular fire.

In short…

getting cancelled (and standing my ground regardless) gave me the freedom I’d been seeking for years.

Cancel culture is the rock bottom of civilised culture.

The rock bottom of (lack of) consciousness or “woke”.

The rock bottom of Capitalism.

The death of Punk.

Cancel culture is fear based bullshit.

Reverted to, because nobody wants to risk being a fucking individual anymore.

Cancel culture is tantamount to a two year old stamping their foot and yelling, “I’m not talkin’ you!”

We’ve degenerated from intelligent, curious, courageous, tolerant, open-minded, philosophical discourse that might help us actually progress…

to this?


If anyone is unable to express their feelings, thoughts and alternative perspective, to invite conversation, so that everyone participating can learn from each other…

and honestly connect and grow from the exchange…

then no.

Trying to have that conversation is just a waste of time.

If someone needs to cancel a conversation, or a whole human being, they aren’t emotionally or mentally mature enough to have an honest conversation.

Let that shit go until they’re ready.

Or not.

It’s not you.

It’s them.

And #freejulianassangeyouutterfuckingbastards

Featured photo by yang miao on Unsplash

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