UR already Perfect

The Perfect Campaign (UR already Perfect) was started in 2019.

It was aimed at honest sharing to open conversation, and so remove stigma and offer hope, to people suffering with mental health and addiction challenges.

Life happened and, although I continued to share the information, skills and tools I was discovering on a personal journey to health, I had to shut it down in 2020 due to ill health and lack of resources.

I continued to recover, despite the odds, and wrote a book on my discoveries and the perspective I found that resulted in a full recovery. For me.

There were many other people, met along the way, who reached out behind the scenes (and publicly) to share that they too had better results with this perspective and the methods I was trying to share.

The original goal of the program was to offer free support groups and relevant information, skills and tools to those still struggling, based on a pro bono sponsorship program that was set up on the same, self sustaining, model as the 12 Step program.

Due to ongoing life… adventures shall we call them… I’ve not had the time or opportunity to do this. I did complete certification in recovery assistance while I recovered, however. And I also rediscovered who I am, and my art, on the journey home to myself.

Please feel free to use and share the book and its content in any way you think it may benefit anyone.


A short book with an alternative perspective on mental health & addiction

“You are not suffering from a disease or disorder and I’m going to tell you why,” I say.

Mostly — people laugh at me. And hardly anyone believes me if they’re polite enough to not laugh in my face.

They humour me instead.

This is the common reaction when I try to share my perspective on mental health and addiction, even though there’s more than enough information to support my perspective and I’m walking proof my approach works.

I believe this happens because not many other people have taken the time to find out more about how the psychiatric industry decides what a disorder is and how it should be decided whether a person has one or not.

Nobody seems to question this at all, except a few people who’ve been misdiagnosed and have taken the time to find out more about how this could have happened to them when doctors were supposed to have known better.

Currently, many doctors and psychologists are telling people they have some kind of mental disorder that is incurable and requires medication for life as standard practice.

Currently, the general public have come to accept mental health challenges as mental “illnesses” or “disorders”, because that is what doctors and psychologists have been calling these things for some years now.

I’ve disagreed with this perspective on mental health and addiction being a disease or disorder for some time now and I share my opinion freely and often. I also share it with clients, who are struggling with addiction and mental health, who come to me for guidance.

“You are not suffering from a disease or disorder and I’m going to tell you why,” I say.

And they also generally react in the exact same way, while I sit and observe their responses silently, wondering…

how they expect to get well if they don’t even believe this is possible themselves.


Download the free book here.

Not free because it’s worthless but because you’re worth it!

Shares and cares super appreciated forever and always <3