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  • Wild Nights

    Wild Nights


    I have a yearning for chocolate as the weather has turned grey again this late afternoon. And so, just near six o’clock and murky twilight…

  • Accelerate


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    They’re on a low-lit off the beaten track. Loud enough music drowns out a dishonest silence. The early evening stars…

  • the door

    the door


    I’ve kinda fallen in love with you already you know I mean I know you’re there and I’m here and she’s there and I’m not and I don’t even

  • On the Line

    On the Line

    It began with Instagram. I’m too old to be an InstaQueen and a photographer once felt me up so not big on photos.

  • The Fatal Law of Attraction

    The Fatal Law of Attraction

    I never ask for help. It’s a part of my trauma reaction to lie about how I’m really doing, to “suck it up buttercup”…