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  • again



    you make me soften again i suddenly see the sky differently again an unending possibility of easy like Sunday mornin’

  • no small apology

    no small apology


    a low moan whining air time winding through the anxious bowels of it’s-all-on-the-line is nothing embarrassing or controllable anymore

  • Got Cancelled?

    Got Cancelled?

    I keep seeing stories about cancel culture. I got cancelled fucking huge time and it was the best thing to happen

  • connecting



    On. Off. on and off. busy Doing Hard Time and distraction from things that fill a Soul. avoidance of all joy and sorrow equally measured

  • On the Line

    On the Line

    It began with Instagram. I’m too old to be an InstaQueen and a photographer once felt me up so not big on photos.