Worky stuff

Webby stuff


custom mobile first themes and front-end development.

I haven’t done this for a while so probably a bit dated but here you go. If anything is broken I didn’t do it and nobody saw me do it. I’ve been busy fixing other things…


design & mock up 2018

Freelancer profile once-upon-a-lifetime-ago


Textile design

Even further back in time (those were some damned fine days!)

T-shirt design

Since forever and probably forever more (LOVE T-shirts!)

Stringbean Films – 2022

Stringbean Films – 2023

Close up of final print on fabric

Stringbean Films – 2021

Final Positive for Repro to Silkscreen

Trying to dig up the other prints…

I once had a full stall of these with around 45 designs per season. Produced every year for over 11 years.

Two failed hard drives at the exact same time. And the laptop too. Lost most of my work.


Graphic design & Layout

Ancient work! (and so am I). Please don’t ever let me do this again. Loathe newspaper, mags and editorial – print.

For friends only and only if I love them

I’ve been doing all of this (in one form or another) for over thirty years.

Still digging around in the cloud(s) trying to find probably lost and deleted stuff.

More to (maybe) follow if I ever get around to it.

Feel free to reach out via the contact form below if you’re interested in working with me.

Shares and cares super appreciated forever and always <3